Angelica Panganiban Wants “Toilet Flush Gender Reveal” For 2nd Baby

Angelica Panganiban Says She Wants To Imitate Banong’s “Toilet Flush Gender Reveal” For Next Baby

ANGELICA PANGANIBAN – Celebrity mom Angelica Panganiban jokes she wants to have a “toilet flush gender reveal” for their second baby.

Netizens had different reactions to the gender reveal that a father thought up for his son. In fairness, not only local media sites and YouTube vlogs were interested in the gender reveal made by content creator Urbano “Banong” delos Angeles but also foreign media companies.

On New Year’s Day, January 1, 2023, Banong posted the said video which he described as a “low-budget gender reveal” on his Facebook account.

Photo Source: @iamangelicap IG

Banong said they have actually combined it with the New Year celebration of the whole family to save more and to invite and spend together. In this Facebook video, Banong can be seen asking his loved ones what they predict the gender of their future baby – will it be a boy or a girl?

After that, he invited everyone to go to their small bathroom. The comfort room is adorned with pink and blue decorations like foil curtains on the wall and balloons scattered on the floor. Banong said, he will flush the toilet bowl, and the color of the water in it is the gender of his future child — pink if it’s a girl and blue if it’s a boy.

And when he pressed the flush button, blue water came out of it which means that their baby will be a boy.

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Photo Source: @kabulastugan IG

Did you know that foreign media outlets, including the Daily Mail and the New York Post, noticed Banong’s viral post. Some people were happy and entertained by Banong’s idea of ​​a gender reveal, but many were also confused and turned off.

Several vlogs said “worst gender reveal”, “less classy”, “kacheapan”, “papampam”, “kadiri” and other negative reactions.

But in some comments, we read on an IG account (Kabulastugan) that also reposted Banong’s toilet-flush gender reveal, they were said to be shocked but laughed and entertained.

Even actress and first-time mom Angelica Panganiban reacted to this viral video. She even joked with his partner, Gregg Homan, that they will imitate that in the gender reveal for their second baby. Angelica’s fellow celebrities also laughed at the post such as Jerald Napoles, Sheena Halili, Gretchen Fullido, and many others.

Photo Source: @kabulastugan IG

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