Pia Wurtzbach Reveals Stressful Moments During Her Time In Miss Universe

These were the stressful moments Pia Wurtzbach experienced during her time as a Miss Universe contestant.

PIA WURTZBACH – Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach has an iconic win but before the crown, these experiences stressed her out completely.

This year’s Miss Universe pageant will happen on January 14 (January 15 in the Philippines). And when talking about this prestigious pageant, there’s surely nothing that can beat, so far, the historical and iconic win of Pia Wurtzbach in 2015.

Apart from her iconic “confidently beautiful with a heart” answer during the crucial Q & A portion, a wrong winner has been called. She was not the only one shocked at that moment – everyone was. It was shocking and she felt bad for Colombia. She was already wearing the crown but was taken back from her due to a mistake.

This event also made Steve Harvey the most iconic host of the pageant. And just recently, with this year’s competition just around the corner, she recalled the moments when she was still a candidate.

She recalled the stressful moment when flew to the United States without her gowns yet. In BBP, they were not accordingly allowed to have their preferred gowns because Madam Stella has her gowns for them and they call these gowns as “gowns from the baul”.

Madam Stella is not fond of letting the girls spend so much on an outfit. She’d rather have them use the gowns that she already has and she was also the one picking the gowns for them. And at her time as a Miss Universe candidate, she proposed to her the idea of wearing a blue gown. She pitched to her that she looks good in blue.

In an interview with Vicki Belo, she expressed that she’d wear anything the organization would send her as long as it was blue. But she never heard a response after the proposal. She left the country without her gowns and halfway through the competition, a black gown was sent to her. However, it did not fit. And this event paved way for her blue gown to make it in the pageant.

Madam Stella called her one night and told her that she can wear anything she likes just as long as she takes home the crown. And she did only that there’s been a scene made. Nonetheless, she won and brought home the crown to the Philippines which has been in drought for this for many years.

Listen to her story below:


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