Elisse Joson: ‘Pulitikong may asawa’ Wants To Pursue Actress

A married politician is allegedly happy to know that Elisse Joson is single now

Actress Elisse Joson is no longer together with her actor McCoy de Leon and reportedly, after knowing that she is now single, a “pulitikong may asawa” wants to pursue her.

After several days of speculations, McCoy confirmed his breakup with Elisse. This garnered heartbreaking reactions from McLissse fans. On the other hand, the actor received bashing for allegedly having a relationship with aspiring actress Mary Joy Santiago.

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However, the actor denied that there was a third party. He also denied the supposed leaked conversation between him and Mary Joy. Speculation also surfaced that the reason why the former couple broke up was that the actress’s mother is not in favor of McCoy.

In a short statement, the actor’s father Mark de Leon said that he is “hiyang-hiya” to what happened. Amid the issue, Elisse Joson remained silent.

A recent article by entertainment writer Gorgy Rula in Pilipino Star Ngayon revealed that there is a prominent politician who wants to court the actress. Rula shared that a friend approached him and asked if he and Elisse are friends.

The writer said that he and Elisse are not friends because he only interviewed the actress once. “May isa palang kilalang pulitiko na gustung-gusto si Elisse, at balak pormahan nang nalamang single na uli ito,” Rula said.

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Then, the writer shared that his friend asked him if he could introduce Elisse to the said politician. Rula said that it would be a good thing for Elisse Joson to be with the said politician but the latter has “asawa.”

Sa totoo lang, bongga si Elisse kung papatulan niya si kilalang pulitiko. Pero ewan ko lang kung type ng aktres, lalo na’t ‘pag nalaman niyang may asawa na ito,” he said.

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