Vlogger Khifer Brosse Jailed: “Hinalay ang jowa ng kanyang tropa”

Famous Vlogger Khifer Brosse Jailed After Accused of Harassment

KHIFER BROSSE – The internet personality and vlogger was arrested and jailed over r6pe charges filed against him.

Khifer Brosse, real name Daniel Tambulogan Butas, rose to fame with his amusing sketches and films. Khifer posts humorous dance covers and remixes to his social media platforms, where they have received millions of views and thousands of reactions from the online community.

But, beneath his amusing social media persona, the vlogger conceals terrible secrets and actions. Khifer was recently imprisoned after being accused of harassment by his alleged victim.

On January 4, 2023, personnel of the PNP-Cavite detained the YouTuber based on a court-issued warrant. Sabrina Paula Velasco, Khifer’s current partner, was devastated by what occurred, especially since she is currently expecting a baby.

“Kaya mo yan baby nandito lang ako palage mag dasal ka palage para sa ikaka buti ng lahat kaya mo yan baby mahal na mahal kita ingat sa loob sana matapos na itong lahat,” said Sab in his Facebook post.

Last year, Khifer attempted to apologize to his victim, but it appears that they persisted to bring a complaint against the vlogger. The vlogger’s victim was supposedly a friend’s minor partner.

“Gusto ko lang din manghingi ng tawad sa kulot na jowa ni Mikel sa nangyari, pinagsisihan ko na ang lahat ng nangyari sana mapatawad niyo akong dalawa naawa nako sa mag-ina ko,” said Khifer in his post last July 29, 2022.

“Pinagsisihan ko na talaga sana bigyan mo ako ng last chance na ipakita sa inyong dalawa na pinagsisihan ko na ang lahat. Humihingi ako ng awa para sa kapatawaran niyo sakin para nalang sana Kel kay Sab at sa anak namin. Sobrang lutang ako walang tulog walang kain dahil sa nangyari,” he added.

Khifer Brosse Jailed

A video was also uploaded showing Khifer’s victim, who was visibly shaken, talking to her partner about the assault. According to the video, the victim indicated that Khifer is not alone in tormenting her; he has other buddies that assist him.

Khifer’s camp has yet to issue an official comment on their future course of action. If convicted, Khifer could face a lengthy prison sentence. Despite the r6pe allegations, Khifer’s fans showed their support for him.

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