Ely Buendia Talks About Healing After Eraserheads Reunion Concert

Ely Buendia shared his thoughts on the recent;y-concluded Eraserheads reunion concert

Eraserheads vocalist Ely Buendia talked about healing in his recent Instagram post after the Huling El Bimbo reunion concert with Buddy Zabala, Marcus Adoro, and Raimund Marasigan.

After two decades, the 90s iconic band once again performed for their fans. This music event is considered an iconic one as many Eheads fans have been anticipating this to happen for many years now.

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The concert was attended by a lot of popular celebrities in the Philippines. It was indeed a celebration of Eheads music that has become a part of many Filipinos’ lives, especially during the 90s.

After the concert, Ely Buendia shared some realizations. He said that real lessons, tough, happy, baffling ones, start after graduation. “The best thing you can hope for is to somehow be able to grasp them in a short amount of time,” he said.

Ely also shared that for the last three months leading to the concert, the band and the whole team behind this are still trying to grasp this. “Sometimes it feels like there are more questions than answers. But fear not, this isn’t doubt. This is certainty,” he stressed.

Then, Ely Buendia shared his thoughts on healing. “I now see that sometimes, healing can only begin within one’s self. You have to really want it, and most of the time, willing to work for it,” the band vocalist said. Ely added that sometimes it just takes the willingness to risk everything.

By having this thought, he said that one might get lucky and leave this place a little better than they found it. This post that the Eraserheads frontman shared received a comment from Chito Miranda, the vocalist of the band Parokya ni Edgar. He commented with a red heart emoji.

Another band vocalist left a comment, Itchyworms frontman Jugs Jugueta. “So happy for you!” the It’s Showtime host commented.

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