P1.2B worth of Smuggled Agricultural Products Seized by BOC

BOC Seized P1.2B worth of Agricultural Products that Attempted to be Smuggled

The Bureau of Customs (BOC) seized P1.2 billion worth of agricultural products attempted to be smuggled during anti-smuggling operations.

From January to this month, the authorities seized P1.2 billion in illicit agricultural products. According to (BOC) Spokesperson Arnaldo dela Torre Jr, 105 agricultural product seizures were carried out.

“A total of 105 seizures of agricultural products were conducted from January 2022 up to the present. These have an estimated value of P1,205,000,000,” explained dela Torre Jr.

BOC Smuggled Agricultural Products

According to the BOC report, the majority of the onions seized come from China. Food things, foods, or ingredients for creating spring rolls, patties, churros, steamed buns, breads, pastries, lobster balls, and crab sticks are the most prevalent declarations of consignees.

According to the official, confiscated agricultural products are destroyed and frequently buried on the ground. These smuggled agricultural products must be burned, edified on land, or returned to the country of origin under Department of Agriculture (DA) guidelines.

Also, they cannot be sold or even donated to ensure the safety and health of people. based on the report of Balita tabloid, the BOC Action Team Against Smugglers (BATAS) has filed over 100 criminal proceedings against smugglers, importers, and Customs brokers.

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