Dismissed Cop Jailed after He Hold-up J&T Supervisor in Iloilo City

Dismissed Cop Who Hold-up J&T Express Supervisor Arrested in Iloilo City

Authorities arrested a cop who was dismissed from service after he allegedly hold-up the supervisor of J&T Express in Iloilo City.

According to the Daily Guardian, the former police officer was the prime suspect in the robbery of J&T Express supervisor in Sara. Lyman John Ochenta, a former police officer, was identified as the apprehended suspect.

Dismissed Cop J&T Supervisor

Ochenta was discharged from the army for his involvement in the illegal narcotics trade. According to Sara Municipal Police Station Chief Police Lt. Col. Norlan Perante, Ochenta was one of the suspects who abducted the supervisor of J&T Express and stole P1.1 million.

According to Perante, the victims were riding a motorcycle and were ready to send money when they were stopped by the suspect, who was also riding a motorcycle. The ex-cop then pointed a revolver at them and announced a hold-up.

The suspects stole the money and then escaped, based on the report. Ochenta, on the other hand, was apprehended during a manhunt. Meanwhile, the hunt for his other companions went on.

Ochenta was positively identified as the robber by the victims, but he strongly denied the charge. The suspect is currently being held in the SMPS detention facility on a robbery charge.

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