Jelai Andres Flags Tabloid Headline About Her and Buboy Villar

Jelai Andre Reacts to Tabloid Headline About Her Relationship with Buboy Villar

Model and internet star Jelai Andres flags a headline of a tabloid about her relationship with comedian Buboy Villar.

Jelai Andres, a Kapuso comedienne and vlogger shared her reaction to a newspaper headline read about them by her buddy Buboy Villar. Jelai couldn’t help but giggle when she read that she and Buboy appear to be in a relationship.

Jelai Andres Headline Buboy

Because of their intimacy, which can be observed in their vlogs, netizens are pressing the two for their true score. When she read it, she knew Buboy’s reaction would be the same. In her Facebook post, she included a screenshot of the headline.

“Hoyyy Abante ano ito???!! Hahaha nagulat ako tawang-tawa ko,” said Jelai.

“Malamang masuka-suka si Buboy boltu pag nakita to hahahaha! Pambihira sa romansa hahahahahaha,” added Jelai in her post.

Buboy has already responded to this in the comments section, saying, “Hala sya! ”. Many commenters remark that Jelai and Jelai are a nice fit, thus netizens are hopeful that they might have hope for each other.

Many more seemed to encourage Buboy that deep down he was overjoyed. It can be recalled that Buboy explained that his relationship with Jelai is merely “special friends”. Jelai, according to the comic, is a very wonderful person. The Kapuso comedian was also asked how many love teams he is a part of.

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