Jose Mari Chan Reveals His All-Time Favorite Christmas Song

Jose Mari Chan is indeed extra popular during the holiday season

Singer-songwriter Jose Mari Chan revealed his all-time favorite Christmas song and it is not one of the songs he wrote.

Jose Mari is known as the “Father of Christmas Songs” in the Philippines. When “ber” months arrive, he is getting more attention, as well as his songs. As they say, the Philippines has the longest Christmas celebration at the start of September, many Pinoys are already preparing for the occasion.

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In the last quarter of the month, Christmas songs can already be heard in malls, different establishments, and houses. One of the most popular songs this season is Christmas In Our Heart, composed and sung by Jose Mari Chan. No one can refute the song’s popularity and how it became a part of many Filipinos’ lives.

However, the veteran singer-songwriter has a different all-time favorite Christmas song, based on the article in ABS-CBN News. He said that it is O Holy Night and for him, this is the “most beautiful Christmas song ever written.”

Christmas in Our Hearts Lyrics by Jose Mari Chan
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Then, he mentioned that among the OPM songs, he likes the original Cebuano version of Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit. “There’s one called in Cebuano, later translated ‘Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit.’ I was still a little boy when I used to sing that,” he shared.

In a vlog of news anchor Bernadette Sembrano last August, Jose Mari shared how he wrote his famous song Christmas In Our Hearts. He said that he used the melody of a song he has previously written for their homecoming in 1988. The lyrics of the song was the result of his collaboration with then-aspiring songwriter Rina Cañeza.

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