Vhong Navarro Lawyer Confident That He Will Be Acquitted

The legal counsel of Vhong Navarro is hopeful that the odds will be in their favor

It’s Showtime host Vhong Navarro will be acquitted from the rape case filed by model Deniece Cornejo, this is what Atty. Alma Mallonga strongly believes.

Vhong was granted his temporary freedom when the court allowed him to post bail after inconsistencies were found in Deniece’s statements during the hearing for the actor’s bail petition.

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Following this, the court released the schedule of hearings that will start in February next year and it might extend until 2024. In a previous article, it was stated that the noontime show host is still adjusting to life after being detained since September.

Based on the article in Newsko, the legal counsel of Vhong Navarro is optimistic that he will be acquitted. “We are very, very confident that because Ms. Deniece Cornejo has already testified, that he will be acquitted. That’s my fearless forecast,” Atty. Mallonga said.

The lawyer pointed out the inconsistencies in Deniece’s statements. She said that the very important witness in a rape case is the victim herself. It is because through her statement everything will stand or fall. Their camp was able to cross-examine Deniece.

Atty. Mallonga also said that they will find ways in order for the trial to just last a short period of time. “We still have a petition in the Supreme Court. We don’t know what’s going to happen there. But the goal is to have the cases themselves, not only this one, but for the acts of lasciviousness, disposed of, dismissed at the earliest possible time,” she shared.

Following the granting of temporary freedom to Vhong Navarro, the camp of Deniece Cornejo remained silent.

Amid this little victory for Vhong’s camp, actress Kat Alano, who claimed that she was raped by a celebrity whose name rhymes with wrong, expressed disappointment through her Twitter posts.

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