TikToker Admits Deanna Wong Didn’t ‘Snob’ Her Completely “Kinausap niya naman ako”

TikToker Reveals Deanna Wong Didn’t ‘Snob’ Her Completely in Viral Video

The lady TikToker in a viral video admitted that the volleyball player Deanna Wong didn’t snob her completely.

A few days ago, a Tiktok user named Rajin Navarro shared the video footage of the popular Choco Mucho player Deanna Wong who allegedly snubbed her. The video garnered various reactions from internet users.

The video shows Rajin trying to get the athlete’s attention a couple of times. The female fan repeatedly approached Wong trying to get noticed by her idol but she failed during the process.

@tararajinpotpot For reference baka kulang..hehehe #chocomuchoflyingtitans #chocomucho #deannawong #snobbingchallenge #bossd ♬ original sound – Rajin Navarro

Wong just snubbed and ignored her without even looking. The athlete left without even waving or saying “hi” or “hello” to her female fan based on the video. The fan has expressed her disappointment with the incident.

Deanna Wong receives negative reactions from the online community for showing rude behavior to a fan.

Recently, Rajin Navarro shared another video revealing the truth behind the alleged ‘snubbing’ incident. She admitted that the player didn’t snob her completely but told her to stop following and filming her.


However, the lady fan insisted because it was only a rare opportunity to see her. She also defended herself from Wong’s fans lambasting her for disrespecting the athlete’s privacy.

“Deanna Wong ‘yun, ganito lang oh, ganito lang ‘yung agwat namin, hindi ba kayo lalapit? Kinausap niya naman ako, sabi niya ‘next time nalang daw’ sabi ko ‘wala nang next time, minsan lang ako lumuwas ng Maynila’,” Navarro said.

@tararajinpotpot Replying to @jea.03_ ♬ original sound – Rajin Navarro

Navarro continued to film the incident while waiting for Wong to look at the camera.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:


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