Matet De Leon Asks amid Rift w/ Nora Aunor: “Bakit kaya tuwing December, inaaway kami ng nanay namin…”

Matet de Leon Posts Intriguing Statement amid Business Issue w/ Mom Nora Aunor

MATET DE LEON – The actress-businesswoman took to social media a question amid her business rift with her adoptive mom, Nora Aunor.

Several celebrities in the Philippine showbiz industry belong to the De Leon clan. One of them is actress Matet de Leon who is in showbiz since she was a child. She is the adoptive daughter of Superstar Nora Aunor and veteran actor Christopher de Leon.

Christopher and Nora have three (3) other adoptive children, Lotlot, Kenneth, and Kiko, and a biological son, actor Ian de Leon. The celebrity stars separated and he has his own family now.

Ian, Lotlot, and Matet also have their families. Matet is married to basketball player Mickey Estrada and they have three (3) daughters. They are currently on a business of selling gourmet tuyo and tinapa.

Matet de Leon

However, recently, Matet de Leon aired out her frustration after Nora Aunor launched her own business similar to her. According to the actress, she woke up one afternoon with a message from her mom about the products that she is selling.

Matet is disappointed over the veteran actress launching the same business as hers’ and becoming her competitor. According to her, she realized that her mother does not really love them because no mother can do it to the children she loves.

The sentiments of the actress gained different reactions. The public is on divided opinion with some people saying that she must be thankful to Nora for adopting her while others feel odd that they were in the same business.

Recently, on Instagram Stories, Matet de Leon posted a statement asking why their mother fights them when it is December. Here’s the post of the actress:

Matet de Leon Post

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