Kim Atienza Criticized by Choco Mucho Fans: “Lilima lang fans mo”

Kim Atienza Criticized by Choco Mucho Fans After His Reaction to the Team’s Snubbing Issue

TV host and trivia master Kuya Kim Atienza receives criticisms from Choco Mucho Flying Titan’s fans after his reaction to their snubbing issue.

Recently, Kuya Kim took to his social media account to express his reactions to the viral video of the Choco Mucho Flying Titans volleyball team.  Based on the video the team allegedly ignored the waiting fans while they were boarding their bus on Boracay Island.

Kim Atienza Choco Fans

According to Kuya Kim’s post, athletes are also public figures that need to show gratitude to fans who passionately support them. The trivia master even called their cold reactions to the fans an “irritating yet sad sight.”

“As public personalities, (yes athletes are also public figures) We have a choice to inspire and show gratitude to fans who passionately support us or we can choose to stay private and give them the cold shoulder. This team should be advised that catering to fans is a responsibility, otherwise, stay out of the public eye and play privately. What an irritating yet sad sight. I hope they are advised by their sponsors to act properly in public. Back to you guys,” Kuya Kim said.

Many netizens agreed with Kuya Kim’s statement. However, it seems that the fans of the team, especially the supporters of volleyball star player Deanna Wong or “Boss D” disagreed with him.

On Twitter, a netizen even told him that he has no fans but only five. Kuya Kim debunked the claim sarcastically and said he has six fans.

“Lol Hahahahahahahahahahha lilima lang fans mo syempre hindi mahirap pansinin yan,” according to tweet of the basher. Kuya Kim retweeted it and commented, “Anim naman.”

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  1. On the “lilima lang ang fans” ni kuya Kim. At least merong lima who idolized Kuya who are not his kin. Yong nagsabi sa na lima hindi naman kilala.


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