Controversial Japanese Issei Sagawa Dies At Age Of 73

Infamous Japanese Issei Sagawa dies and this is his story.

JAPANESE ISSEI SAGAWA – This is the story of Issei Sagawa, who is now dead, which made him famous and controversial in Japan.

The story of Issei Sagawa has been passed on and it did not fail to horrify many people. He has quite a reputation but for another reason. In the year 1981, a horrific incident happened that when discovered, reached the headlines of many news outlets. It caused too much surprise and fear to many people.

Issei Sagawa

He is called the “Japanese Cannibal”.

Pang or The Kobe Cannibal is the suspect behind the gruesome ending of Dutch student Renée Hartevelt in Paris in 1981. According to his story, he invited her to his apartment with plans of eating her after ending her life because she has everything that he lacks.

He attempted to dispose of her remains in Bois de Boulogne park but was arrested.

Sagawa did unimaginable things to her dead body but was set free because he was found to be legally insane. After the trial, he was put inside a mental institution in France before he got deported to Japan.

And despite what he did, he earned apparent fame and was even invited as a guest speaker and commentator. He also wrote a book about the crime he committed.

But last November 24, 2022, the controversial Japanese personality, died. He passed at the age of 73 because of pneumonia. No public ceremony was held for his death.

Several diseases and complications also hit him that eventually led to his death based on a report from PEP.


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