Matet de Leon on Business Issue w/ Nora Aunor: “Ampon na ampon ‘yung pakiramdam ko”

Matet de Leon, Nora Aunor Got Into the Same Business Field?

MATET DE LEON – The actress revealed that she had a business issue with her adoptive mom, veteran actress Nora Aunor.

Among the popular surnames in the Philippine showbiz industry is “De Leon”. Veteran actor Christopher de Leon‘s surname is carried by his children including his adoptive children Lotlot de Leon, Matet de Leon, Kiko de Leon, and Kenneth de Leon.

Matet, Lotlot, Kenneth, and Kiko are Boyet’s adoptive children with his ex-wife, veteran actress Nora Aunor. Their only biological child is actor Ian de Leon. However, living the life of celebrities, the rifts between the veteran actress and her children were not secrets to the public. There were several instances in the past when she was in conflict with her children.

Recently, Matet de Leon aired her frustration on an alleged business issue with Nora Aunor. According to the actress, her adoptive mother got into the same business as hers.

Matet de Leon, Nora Aunor
Photo Credit: Manila Bulletin | Voice of the Filipino Overseas

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, Matet de Leon claimed in a recent live broadcast that last Wednesday, she woke up and felt disappointed after Nora Aunor allegedly sent her the products she is selling.

According to her, she really checked her mother’s message right away because she might be needed something. However, she found out that her mother is also selling retail “gourmet tuyo and tinapa” which she also sells.

Based on the report, Matet de Leon clarified that it was not an issue about the possibility that she will lose some of her clients as they are Noranians and would prefer her mom’s products. She stressed that it was about being competitors in the same business.

“Paanong nagawa sa akin ito? Direktang kompitensya… Para akong trinaydor, everything that happened made her feel very sad and betrayed,” she said.

According to Matet, she was really shocked and saddened by what happened. She expressed her realization that her adoptive mother does not love them citing that no mother will do it to the children she loves.

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  1. hindi ako sigurado parang screen surname lang nila matet,kiko at kenneth ang de leon.
    sa birth certificate ay hindi naman yata de leon.


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