Darryl Yap Hires 4800 Actor for MoM Film; Sets to Surpass Himala’s

Darryl Yap Sets to Surpass Himala Film’s 3000 Actors with His 4800 for MoM

Controversial director Darryl Yap hires 4800 actors for his Martyr or Murder film and sets to surpass the Himala movie’s 3000.

Everyone is aware that the “Maid in Malacañang” sequel, directed by Darryl Yap, has already begun. The controversial director recently revealed the principal cast members of his film “Martyr or Murderer” on his Facebook page.

Yap recently revealed that Viva Artist Cindy Miranda has been selected to portray young Imelda Marcos. Yap claimed that it took months to find someone who possessed qualities similar to those of Imelda before choosing Cindy.

Former Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso, who plays former senator Ninoy Aquino, is among those who have been introduced to the cast.  Jerome Ponce, who starred in Tañada’s Katips, the MiM companion movie, played the role of young Ninoy. Marco Gumabao will represent young Macoy or former president Ferdinand Marcos, Sr.

Meanwhile, Yap in his latest Facebook post just revealed that the number of talents at his current shoot for MoM is set to break the record of actors for Himala, the famous movie by Nora Aunor.

Darryl Yap 4800 Actors
Snippet from Himala film:

Many people are eager to witness the first trailers for this second film in the trilogy, which was started by the hugely successful Maid in Malcañang, which was made by Viva Films and starring Senator Imee Marcos by the Vincentiments team and directed by Darryl Yap.

Meanwhile, It appears that the second movies that Darryl Yap and Vince Tañada produced will “battle at the box office” once more in the upcoming year! This comes after Tañada announced a new movie would be out the following year.

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