Tricycle Driver: “Libre Sakay, nakapasa anak ko sa nursing board exam”

Tricycle Driver Offers “Libre Sakay” after Son passed Nursing Board Exam

A tricycle driver went viral on social media after he offered “libre sakay” to passengers after his son passed the nursing board exam.

A father in Santa Barbara, Iloilo couldn’t hide his joy after seeing the fruits of his labor as a tricycle driver for so many years. Archie Delos Santos Mana-ay, a fellow traveler, shared an inspiring tale of a tricycle driver who offered a free ride on Facebook.

Archie claims that when his son, Karl Galache, recently passed the Nursing Licensure Examination, tricycle driver Jerico “Ikoy” Galache of Barangay GMTD, Santa Barbara, offered free trips to customers as a way of showing his appreciation. Ikoy posted a letter inside the tricycle stating that he is offering his passengers a free trip.

“LIBRE SAKAY, Nakapasar bata ko sa Nursing board exam!,” the note inside the tricycle read.

Based on the post, Ikoy made the decision to offer free rides to all of his passengers because he couldn’t have let his son finish nursing without them. Ikoy is Mrs. Marygrace Homeres Manzano Galache’s husband, and the couple has two young children who attend school.

Keith Janssen Manzano Galache, a second-year marine engineering student at St. Joseph Institute in Butuan and a scholar of Teekey Shipping Company, and Koleen, a third-year nursing student at Iloilo Doctors College.

Social media users have been responding in a variety of ways to the motivational tale of the tricycle driver. Many online users congratulated him and his son for such an accomplishment. He was praised by some online users for working hard to realize his children’s goals.

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