Maxene Magalona Addresses Third Party, Pregnancy Rumors

Maxene Magalona is not bothered by the issues being thrown at her

Actress Maxene Magalona addressed the rumors that she is the third party in the alleged breakup of a couple and that she is pregnant.

Maxene is a trending topic on social media amid the breakup rumors involving celebrity couple Angel Locsin and Neil Arce. Videos on YouTube surfaced accusing her as the other woman of Neil, who is her ex-boyfriend. It was also alleged that she is pregnant.

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The fact that Maxene confirmed her breakup with musician Rob Mananquil also added spice to the rumors. In an episode of TONI, the talk show of Ultimate Multimedia Star Toni Gonzaga on ALLTV, Maxene Magalona was asked about these issues.

The daughter of the late Master Rapper Francis Magalona was talking about dealing with her pain and how she is channeling positivity in her life and because of this, no negativity can affect her now.

With this, Toni asked her guest if she was not bothered when rumors surfaced that she was the third party in a rumored breakup. “Not at all,” Maxene said, adding that she lives in integrity and she speaks her truth fearlessly because she is the woman of her word.

However, Maxene said that she never released a statement about this because for her, the “negative energy vampires” will just perceive that they can win over her. Amid this, she shared quotes and mental health tips on social media as she saw many people are viewing her Instagram Stories.

Then, Toni said that haters would think that she is an easy target because she came from a breakup. “At saka tumaba ako, tinatanggap ko na guys, okay?” Maxene said and she and Toni laughed.

Toni said that Maxene is not pregnant. “I’m not,” the latter seconded and added that she was laughing about this. “Sabi ko talaga, saan nanggaling ‘to, kailan nangyari ‘to, hindi ako informed,” the actress said.

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