Herlene Budol Reveals She was Chased by Police in Uganda

Herlene Budol Revealed Being Chased by Police Due to Scam Pageant in Uganda

Beauty queen Herlene “Hipon” Budol revealed that she was chased by police in Uganda due to the scam pageant.

The beauty queen-comedian talked about her time in Uganda during her conversation with Nelson Canlas. She talked about her experiences and the reason for the video Wilbert Tolentino, her manager, shared showing her crying.

Herlene Budol Uganda Police

Recall that Herlene traveled to Uganda in November to represent the Philippines in the Miss Planet International competition. But unfortunately, the pageant was canceled since it was purportedly a scam and the international contestants had numerous issues.

Herlene, meanwhile, said that the other candidates were instructed to check into the hotel first. She claimed that numerous police officers arrived and looked into the situation.

Herlene was put on hold and instructed to remain in the vicinity until the perpetrator of the “scam” pageant was found, despite the fact that she had not checked into the aforementioned hotel. She begged the hotel personnel to let her go, explaining that she had her own place to stay, based on her story.

Herlene was assisted by the other applicants and the vehicle owner’s boss and sought assistance from other authorities for their plight. And when the beauty queen did out, some police officers chased her.

“Paglabas ko, yung ibang pulis siguro hindi nasabihan hinabol ako na may baril. Dalawa po yung humabol sa akin na may hawak na mahabang baril. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, eto na ata katapusan ko,” said Herlene.

Herlene had the impression that she could only see it in movies, but she had firsthand experience. She actually still experiences severe trauma and terror as a result of her encounter.

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