Female Passenger Tries to Open Plane Door Claiming “Jesus Told Her”

Police Authorities Arrest Female Passenger For Trying to Open Plane Door Because “Jesus Told Her”

A female passenger elicits various reactions online after trying to open the plane door claiming that “Jesus Told Her To Do So”.

A 34-year-old woman named Elom Agbegninou has been arrested by the authorities after attempting to open the plane door at 37,000 feet. The incident took place on Southwest Flight 192 from Houston, Texas, to Columbus, Ohio.

Agbegninou reportedly made her way to the back of the aircraft and stood in front of the escape door. As soon as a flight attendant arrived, she was instructed to either use the restroom or sit down.

Female Passenger

The female passenger allegedly asked for permission to look out the window after that, according to a second flight attendant. She pushed past the flight attendants when they objected and started to pull the handle of the exit door.

After hearing someone say, “she’s trying to open the door,” a passenger went to the back of the aircraft to assist. He was then bit by Ms. Agbegninou.

According to the court documents, the woman then started pounding her head against the plane’s floor and eventually uttered the words “Jesus told her to go to Ohio and Jesus told her to open the plane door.”

Female Passenger

In the end, the disturbance on the flight required the pilot to make an emergency landing at Little Rock’s Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport.

As the bitten victim received treatment, Ms. Agbegninou was arrested and taken away by police after the plane landed safely.  Later, the woman informed the police that she had left the house unannounced with the intention of seeing a family friend in Maryland.

Additionally, the woman claimed that because it had been a while since she had flown, she “became very anxious” and “normally would not have done such things.”

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Female Passenger

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