Foreign TikToker Dismays NAIA’s Lack of Card Payment Options

Foreign TikToker Laments Lack of Card Payment Options at NAIA

A foreign national TikToker laments the lack of card payment options at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

A foreigner describes his experience at the Philippines’ international airport on the video-sharing app TikTok. In a video posted to TikTok by the Dutch user “Traveltomtom,” he expresses his displeasure with the airport’s cash-only policy.

TikToker NAIA Card Payment

His apparent dissatisfaction with the NAIA’s lack of card payment options is evident in the video, which prompts responses from the online community. The text caption of his TikTok video reads the question “Is Manila Airport the worst airport to transfer?”

The lack of a card payment option at NAIA for the purchase of food and other products reportedly displeased the Dutch TikToker. He even warned other tourists about it.

“Let me show you how amazing it is to transfer in Manila International Airport Terminal 2,” he said.

He claimed that following his nearly six-hour flight from Papua New Guinea, he went in search of food as soon as he stepped off the plane. But to his dismay, he said that none of the food stands or cafés he visited accepted credit cards; instead, all were “cash only.”

When he attempted to withdraw money from the ATM but was told that it was “temporarily closed,” his annoyance increased. He referred to the store that was accepting the card as a “liquor shop” when he saw it.

“How ironic! The only place you can actually play by card is here… and this is a liquor shop,” said the foreign tourist.

@traveltomtom Think twice before transfering through #manila in the #philippines on a #philippineairlines flight! No cash = no food: I am officially HANGRY! 😬 #airportlife #philippinestiktok #tiktokphilippines ♬ original sound – Traveltomtom

His video has since gained popularity on social media and received feedback from users, particularly Filipinos. A few online users supported his complaint. However, a number of Filipinos called him out and chastised him for not having any cash on him instead of just mentioning the absence of card payment options.

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