Erik Santos Emotional Tribute To Mother Breaks Many Hearts

Many people cried and felt touched because of this post of Erik Santos for his late mother.

ERIK SANTOS – Kapamilya singer Erik Santos pens a heartbreaking message and tribute to his late mother who died because of cancer.

In a previous article, famous singer Erik Santos announces the death of his mother. Through Instagram posts. expressed in brief posts: “She is finally home with Jesus.  I love you so much, Nanay,” and “Mahal na mahal na mahal kita, Nanay. ”

The singer’s mother died at the age off 66 because of lung cancer.

And just recently in a new posts, the “I’ll Never Go” singer honored his mother while expressing his love for her. He also penned a message that broke many hearts and echoed the unvoiced pain of children who also lost their mothers.

In his post, he stated that his mother is now in the best place where pain and suffering are no longer present. In that place, he is comforted knowing that his mother is happily existing with “no more catheters, no more tests and scans, no more chemo, no more blood transfusion, no more oxygen tank, no more bed sores, no more diapers, and no more cancer”.

But in her absence in his life, he will surely miss the moments they used to do together while she was still alive like their random morning conversations over coffee, her cooking, and he will miss taking care of her. He will miss her laugh, her jokes, and just simply everything about her.

“Thank you very much for fighting for us until your very last breath. You have fought the good fight. Napaka tapang mo Nanay,” he added.

He expressed that she will never be forgotten and that she will always remain in their hearts forever.

Check out his touching post below:


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