Male Student Brings His ‘Crush’ During “BRING ME CHALLENGE”

Male Student Brings ‘Kilig’ Online for Presenting His ‘Crush’ During “Bring me challenge”

A male student brings kilig online after presenting his crush on “Bring Me Challenge” during their intramurals.

Intramural sports are recreational sports organized within a particular institution, usually an educational institution, or a set geographic area. It includes different types of games and competitions.

Most students consider it as one of the best times in school for having no classes and no school requirements. All they have to do during intramural is to have fun and enjoy for a couple of days.

Male Student

A young man took this opportunity to confess to his crush in front of a large crowd.

A Facebook user named “Mingkay Suase” has shared the video clips of a male student who brings his crush on “Bring Me Challenge” during a game. The clips immediately circulate online and bring kilig to internet users.

In the video, it can be seen that the young man brought a lady student before the audience during “Bring Me Challenge”. It turned out that the guy has a crush on the woman he brought in front of his schoolmates.

Male Student Male Student

The male student confessed that he had a crush on the young woman for almost a month, which drew cheers and excitement from the audience. His brave confession brings kilig to the audience and draws a loud cheer from their fellow students.

The video has been taken during the intramurals of Saint John Paul II College of Davao.

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