Bongbong Marcos Reveals Christmas Wishes This Year

Here’s the Christmas Wishes of Pres. Bongbong Marcos this December 2022

BONGBONG MARCOS – The 65-year-old President revealed some of his wishes for Christmas this year for the benefit of the Filipino people.

It is now holiday season and many people are preparing for the Christmas celebrations. There are usually a lot of events every December as it is the time when families and friends get together. However, it seems that putting food on the table is more challenging now due to the increase in the prices of a lot of products.

Reports state an increase on several food products for the Noche Buena. While many people are excited about a bigger pay on the last month of the year, many individuals foresee the challenge in managing the finances effectively.

On the part of the government, there are a lot of challenge to help ease the expenses of the people not only on food but as well as their utility bills. Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, it is the Christmas wish of Pres. Bongbong Marcos that power rates will be steady.

President Bongbong Marcos

Based on the report, keeping the costs of power in the Philippines steady is one of the Christmas wishes of Pres. Bongbong Marcos aside from reducing the price of rice to P20 per kilogram. With regards to the power rates, the 65-year-old President admitted that he is worried about the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) released by the Court of Appeals (CA) to San Miguel and Meralco. According to the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), the TRO suspends the implementation of the Power Supply Agreement (PSA) with Meralco. The order is effective “60 days from service on respondents”.

According to Pres. Marcos, he hopes that the increase on the power rates would be postponed or be done slowly. He stressed that it is already hard for the people and it will be harder if it happens.

The President stressed that he also wants to see the price adjustments this Christmas and hopes that the unified Kadiwa where the Filipinos can by cheaper produce could help in the situation. In Kadiwa stalls, the National Food Authority (NFA) rice is reportedly sold at P25 per kilo while sugar is at P70 per kilo.

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  1. Kadiwa I believe is only in greater Manila area, What about the people in the Visayas and Mindanao. Where do they avail those kind of prices?


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