Bince Operiano Father Clarifies No Cash Prize in Chess Tournament

Father of Bince Operiano Clarified They Win No Cash Prize in Chess Tournament

The father of the nine-year-old Chess Prodigy Bince Operiano clarified that they did not win any cash prize from the chess tournament.

The father of nine-year-old Bince Operiano, Ben, emphasized that they did not get a financial award during the 6th Eastern Asia Youth Chess Championship, which was held in Thailand, in an interview with It can be recalled that the internet community applauded when Bince triumphed over his more than 20 international rivals.

Bince Operiano Cash Prize

They also have many friends who said that the family of the chess prodigy could be able to escape difficulty, but his father, Ben Operiano, stressed that they were mistaken in their assumptions. In the held chess tournament, Ben made it clear that they did not get any cash prizes.

“Sa mga hindi po nakakaalam, akala nga nila milyonaryo na daw po ako. Sa totoo lang po, wala po talagang kalakip na prize o perang napanalunan. Wala po,” said Bince’s father revealed in the interview.

“Gold medal lang po nakuha namin, isang silver, dalawang bronze, isang trophy, saka mga certificate lang po. Yun lang po. Wala po siyang kasabay na pera. Karangalan lang po talaga ‘yung inuwi namin,” he explained.

Older Operiano acknowledged that the federal government has not offered them any incentives. He claims that they are simply waiting to hear whether they will be granted.

It can be recalled that Bince’s story touched many internet users because of the struggles he went through before to the event. In light of the fact that they lack the funds to spend the night in a hotel, Mr. Openario claims that it is their personal choice to sleep at the airport.

Since Bince has become well-known, other people have offered their assistance. He expressed gratitude to everyone who had assisted his son and expressed the hope that more money would be available for the boy’s training.

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