Businessman Loses P5-M After Duped in “Marcos Gold” Investment

Businessman Got Scammed by Scammers in Marcos Gold Investment

A businessman in Mindanao allegedly loses a huge sum of money after being duped by people who promise to give him “Marcos Gold”.

According to the article, the unnamed businessman gave a group of investment fraudsters more than P5 million. The organization allegedly held more than P17 trillion in Marcos gold within the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and offered him a portion of P700 million from its sale (BSP).

Businessman Marcos Gold
Image Source: Gulf News

The victim, who has not been identified, claims that because the group displayed what seemed to be authentic company and government IDs, he was misled into thinking that they were all elderly and in their 80s. He claimed he trusted them since they were seasoned and incapable of making a mistake.

After witnessing the document of ownership acknowledged by BSP Governor Benjamin Diokno, he later grew skeptical of the suspects. However, Benjamin Diokno Santiago was listed there. They apparently kept asking him for more money as well, based on the report.

Aniano Gemina, who claimed to be the CEO of a lending company called Real Mines Development Corp., was named as the group’s leader by the victim in a complaint submitted to the National Bureau of Investigation. According to Jericho, Gemina requested P5 million from him in order to reissue a “safekeeping receipt” demonstrating the company’s ownership of the Marcos wealth buried inside the BSP.

For the transaction with Haggai Precious Metals Trading Corp, which is transacting with her business to buy gold for P17 trillion, Gemina claims that the BSP requires the receipt. He claimed that as long as the transaction took place inside the BSP building, he would pay the P5 million.

However, on June 30, 2021, a private restaurant in Malate, Manila, hosted the signing of the “contract” and the exchange of money. Long-standing denials from President Marcos Jr. assertions that his family’s wealth came from a gold cache. According to an urban legend, his family received the gold bars from the Tallano royal family.

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