AJ Raval Gives Birth To Child w/ Aljur Abrenica – Ogie Diaz’s Source

Is it true that AJ Raval is now a mother?

A source of talent manager-vlogger Ogie Diaz claimed that Viva actress AJ Raval has given birth to her child with actor Aljur Abrenica.

The pregnancy rumors started on veteran entertainment writer Cristy Fermin‘s YouTube show, Showbiz Now Na. It was said that a source revealed that AJ was pregnant. In a recent Showbiz Update vlog of Ogie with Mama Loi and Tita Jegs, the talent manager said that Cristy’s source was Aljur.

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However, back then, AJ denied the rumors by posting her beach photos and pictures showcasing her flat tummy. When her father, action star Jeric Raval was asked about this, he also denied the rumors saying that almost every day, he sees his daughter and he would know if she is pregnant.

Mama Loi mentioned the public appearance that AJ Raval did during a press conference wherein the actress was wearing a loose outfit and her tummy was not that big.

With this, Ogie Diaz said that he is puzzled by the recent information that he received from his source. He shared that his source revealed that AJ gave birth to her child in a “payak na hospital sa Pasig.” It was also said that the actress came to the hospital with a covered face.

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📷: Showbiz Update YT channel

The source also said that AJ did not go directly to the delivery room and that she gave birth inside the hospital room that was assigned to her. “Ibig sabihin, doon na lang, kung saan siyang room, doon na lang isinigawa daw yung kaniyang delivery,” Ogie shared.

The talent manager also shared that it was revealed by his source that Aljur Abrenica was waiting outside the hospital on November 19. The source was able to identify him while he was waiting inside his car when he took off his face mask.

It was said that right after AJ Raval gave birth, she went out of the hospital. “Ang ginamit daw na apelyido, nitong si AJ, ay Alvarez,” Ogie said. When Mama Loi asked why Alvarez, Ogie said that it is because that is her mother’s surname.

The source also shared that AJ claimed that the doctor was their relative and so she was immediately given a room where she delivered the baby. When Mama Loi asked why the woman was identified as AJ when her face was covered, Ogie said that the tattoo on her chest revealed that it was her.

What can you say about this?

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