NBI Arrested a Woman Selling Male Enhancement Cream

Woman Allegedly Selling Male Enhancement Cream Arrested by NBI

The personnel of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) arrested a woman who is allegedly selling male enhancement cream.

According to a GMA News report, a lady was detained for selling an unlawful cream for enhancing organs that put some of the guys who purchased it in peril of having their private parts exposed. Ellen Joy Reyes was named as the female suspect.

Male Enhancement Cream Arrested

After accepting money from an undercover agent of the National Bureau of Investigation’s Intellectual Property Rights Division (IPRD), the female suspect was arrested. The defendant was found to be selling unlawful items and marked currency.

According to the NBI, Reyes was a member of a gang that offered unregistered male enhancement lotion for sale online to men for P600. Agent John Ignacio, Executive Officer of NBI IPRD, reported that a complaint visited our office and expressed his dissatisfaction with the negative impact the male enhancement cream he purchased was having on him.

It was discovered that this product is not registered when the agency checked with the FDA. The company may sell 20 pieces a day to its customers in Metro Manila and the nearby provinces.

After being detained, the suspect resisted giving a statement. According to the report, Reyes is dealing with a complaint of violating the FDA Act, which is intended to ensure the purity, safety, efficacy, and quality of drugs and medical devices that are made available to the general public.

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2 thoughts on “NBI Arrested a Woman Selling Male Enhancement Cream”

  1. The situation at this time is extremely difficult. So many people lost their jobs because of Pandemic. Perhaps the seller has no other means to overcome the financial difficulties. Maximum tolerance shall be implemented. She should be given a chance. First offense just a warning. If she do it again, then, she should be punished.

    • Investigate her past backgrounds what she was doing before, if proven to be a good person and found that she’s involved just recently then give her a chance, but if she’s found to be guilty for doing illegal selling for a long period of time, then put her in jail, cuz I was also a victim of a fake products from buying online.


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