Dennis Padilla Calls Maja Salvador His “Anak” in His Latest Post

Dennis Padilla Shares Selfie with Maja Salvador and Called Her His Anak

Actor-comedian Dennis Padilla shared a selfie with actress-dancer Maja Salvador and called her his “anak”.

Dennis recently posted a selfie with Maja, with whom he co-starred in a sitcom, on his Instagram account @dennisastig. His uploaded selfie generated excitement among online users and on social media.

Dennis Padilla Maja Salvador

The actor-comedian posted the selfie to Instagram along with a succinct but charming caption. Dennis even referred to the actress as his “daughter” in the caption of his widely shared online post before endorsing the program Oh My Korona.

“My anak… Oh My Korona TV5,” Dennis simply wrote in his post before tagging the actress, as well as Gene Padilla and Long Mejia.

It’s important to note that Dennis and Maja collaborated on the TV 5 comedy series Oh My Korona. The main character in the series is Maja, who plays Lablab, an unemployed hotel manager who received a boarding home as a legacy from her late mother.

Dennis has gained notoriety online over the past few months as a result of remarks on his accounts that criticize his kids. Julia Barretto, a well-known actress, is his daughter.

Dennis Padilla released a video collage of previous images of him and his daughter Julia on Instagram. The two-minute video featured tender scenes he shared with his daughter.

There were pictures that showed him with Julia when she was younger. Recall that Dennis aired his emotions in response to Julia Barretto’s widely shared conversation with Karen Davila.

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