Female Student Cries After Reading Younger Brother’s Scratch Paper “My ate is beautiful”

Female Student Gets Emotional as She Reads Younger Brother’s Scratch Paper

A female student cries tears of joy after reading the scratch paper of her younger brother “My ate is beautiful”.

The Facebook page “Pilipino Star Ngayon Digital” has shared video footage of a female student named Bernnice crying while reading her young sibling’s scratch paper. The video earns praise from the netizens.

In the video, Bernnice and her mother were having a conversation via chat messages. Her mom found a scratch paper of her little brother containing a heartwarming message, which brought her to tears.

Female Student

The letter says:

My ate is beautiful. Everyone says she is beautiful. I am not perfect like her but I know she loves me. She teaches me about my assignment and she gives me money. Sometimes she is not nice to me but I know she loves me. I wish my ate to be successful.”

According to Bernnice, she failed to go home for a couple of months because of her hectic schedule at school. She was moved to tears after reading the letter and shared how her little brother loves her.

At such a young age, I’ve seen how protective he is of me as a younger brother in subtle ways like getting angry at creepy men who catcall me, fixing my bed every time he hears na uuwi ako… things like that. He’s a good boy,” the lady student said.

The video has 86 reactions and 1.1k views as of this writing.

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