Underwear Thief Caught on Camera, Witness Says “kinagat-kagat pa”

Video of Underwear Thief Caught Stealing “Sinampay” Earns Comments Online

The video footage of an underwear thief stealing undergarments from “Sampayan” garnered various reactions online.

A CCTV footage installed at a house in Laguna has caught the culprit stealing panties hanged at ‘sampayan’. The video immediately spread like a wildfire online after it was posted on social media.

A witness named Jethro Orillaza claimed that the culprit kept on returning to the area near the ‘sampayan’. He watched the CCTV footage and found the culprit performing its activity inside the vicinity.

Underwear Thief

Orillaza claimed that the culprit reportedly bites the stolen undergarments and bring it home.

However, Orillaza revealed that the underwear thief was their pet dog named “Gluta”. The puppy is taking the stolen undergarments from its cage. Gluta is using it as a blanket to fight cold weather.

Our puppy played with my wife’s underwear like a child enjoying a piñata. We then discovered her hiding it back to her sleeping area,” Jethro Orillaza said.

Another dog named sugar learned how to entertain itself by watching videos on YouTube. The dog’s activity started after they watched the TV series Game of Thrones.

“We realized it was whenever Ned Stark got on his horse, she would just bark at the screen. We kept rewinding to same scene and she just kept barking,” Sugar’s fur mommy Maddison Kelly. said.

Dog has been one of the most popular animal in various regions all across the globe. In fact, a lot of people prefer to adopt dog as their friend because of their adorable appearance and friendly behavior.

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Underwear Thief

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