Troy Montero Shares Details Of “Scam” He, Aubrey Miles Experienced In Paris

Troy Montero believes that he and his wife were scammed in Paris

Actor Troy Montero shared the details of the “scam” that he and his wife actress Aubrey Miles experienced during their honeymoon in Paris last October.

After almost two decades of being together, Troy and Aubrey had their first trip as a married couple. They chose to visit the city of love. However, their supposed happy vacation was mixed with a devastating experience.

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Previously, Aubrey shared on her social media post that her luxury bag was stolen. However, in a recent interview, based on the article in The Philippine Star, the actor said that he believes that it was not just a simple case of stealing.

For Troy Montero, it was a syndicated scam. He took quite hard that incident because it was basically his fault.

“So, the bag was with me. We just bought this bag like just a few hours earlier. We’re shopping in another store and I put it down while I was in line to get my credit card. So, when it’s time to move forward to reach down, I have several bags there… when I reached down, it felt light. So one (of the bags) was missing. I looked around and thought, ‘Maybe, it was with Aubrey,’” the actor shared.

With what happened, he came to the conclusion that it was a scam and there were several people who were involved.

“When I think about what happened, there was something there — a distraction in front of me. It’s like a weird moment — someone was being loud (pointing at his front) and someone being loud over here (pointing at his back) and I was a little bit caught off guard and I think that’s the distraction. So I think it was a setup,” Troy stressed.

The actor also said that they let their guard down even though they were warned already prior to the incident. However, he said that this is the first time they experience something like this in their travel abroad.

He also shared that everything happened so fast. He took his eyes off the bag for just a second and suddenly, it was gone. After what happened, Troy Montero said that he and Aubrey Miles became “praning” when it comes to their safety. Despite what happened, the couple enjoyed their vacation in Paris. In order to pacify Aubrey, Troy bought the same bag for her.

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