Girl, 9, Harassed Inside Evacuation Center CR in Zamboanga City

Man Arrested for Harassing Minor Girl Inside CR of Evacuation Center in Zamboanga City

Police authorities arrested a man for allegedly harassing a minor girl inside the comfort room (CR) of an evacuation center in Zamboanga City.

According to the report, the man allegedly abused a nine-year-old child in the Zamboanga City evacuation facility. The investigation revealed that the victim allegedly received P50 from the suspect.

Girl Evacuation Center Zamboanga

The suspect was identified by police as Alan Abenejo, 46, of Barangay Tumaga. Contrarily, Abenejo vehemently refuted the accusation and insisted that he was not present at the evacuation center on the day the incident took place.

The victim looked to be with his sibling, who was left behind at the evacuation center, according to the police inquiry. According to reports, the culprit approached the two kids, led them to the comfort room, and then preyed on the victim.

The victim was allegedly lured by the suspect using P50. The victim told his instructor about the incident after it happened, and they informed the police about it, leading to the suspect’s arrest.

The infant was found to have seminal fluid in the vaginal region and a minor laceration during the victim’s medical evaluation. The suspect will face r6pe charges, and police will step up patrols at the evacuation shelters.

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