Ifugao Cop Killed After Sacrificing Self to Stop Armed Suspect

Ifugao Cop Got Killed During Shootout Against an Armed Suspect in Caloocan City

Brave Ifugao cop got killed during a shootout against an armed suspect who was accused of indiscriminate firing in Caloocan City.

After responding to a resident who had run amok and started firing a gun, Police Corporal Noel Amtarao Ogano of the Quezon City Police District’s Special Weapons and Tactics was fatally shot. Martin Luther Nuez, the suspect, was discovered to have been intoxicated when he discharged a firearm.

Ifugao Cop Killed

The suspect was pursued by the Quezon City police to his home in Caloocan, where they reportedly spoke with the suspect’s mother. She did not, however, give up her son because it was a Sunday and she was unable to obtain a bail release.

The suspect’s family had since stopped communicating with the authorities and had been holed up in the house when Nuez began firing. Ogano and the suspect were both shot dead in the police’s retaliatory shooting, while another officer was injured and is now recovering in the hospital.

The operatives and the suspect engaged in a 30-minute-long gun battle, based on the report. Due to the SWAT Team’s successful use of tear gas, the suspect was rendered unconscious, neutralized, and his weapons were recovered.

It is well known that the suspect always chooses to aim a gun at anyone else and is rude and haughty in public. Additionally, it was discovered that the suspect had previously attended the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA).

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