Bato Dela Rosa Apologizes Over Leftist Remarks Against Loren Legarda

Bato Dela Rosa Apologizes to Loren Legarda Over Leftist Remarks

Senator Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa apologizes to Senator Loren Legarda for his leftist remarks against the legislator.

On November 10, Dela Rosa apologized to Senate President Pro Tempore for his left-leaning statement. You may remember that Dela Rosa questioned the purportedly subversive publications the Filipino Language Commission produces while questioning the commission’s budget during the Senate’s plenary session.

Bato Apologizes Legarda

In said hearing, Dela Rosa said the words: “Naintindihan ko, si Madam Loren is on the left of the spectrum. Ay, saan ka pala, sa gitna? Ma-left ka o ma-right, wala akong problema. Center? O wala akong problema.”

Dela Rosa spoke, and Legarda did not respond. Later, the senator expressed regret for his remarks. The senator added that his goal was to show that in the Senate, regardless of your political leanings, there is no conflict as long as everyone works together.

“I would like to move that my statement a while ago stating that our colleague, Senator Loren Legarda, is the left of center be struck out of records. I apologize to my colleague. I just wanted to make that example here in the Senate, whether you are on the left or on the right, there is no problem as long as we are united,” he apologized.

Based on the article of Inquirer, Dela Rosa made it clear that his goal was to keep young people from accessing offensive literature. Recall that Legarda has been advocating for the Anti-Terrorism Law of 2020 to be reviewed.

She further asserted that the National Democratic Front, the Communist Party of the Philippines’ political wing, and its military wing, the New People’s Army, should not be classified as enemies of the state.

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