Heart Evangelista to Basher Calling Her ‘Butiki’: “Buti ka pa effortless”

Heart Evangelista Roasts Basher Calling Her ‘Butiki’ Over Her Body Figure

Fashion icon Heart Evangelista roasted a basher comparing her to a lizard (butiki) over her slim body figure.

Heart Evangelista, the “Queen of Collaboration,” paid attention to a user who disparaged her on Instagram. Heart posted a picture of her mixed-up wardrobe on November 2, 2022.

Heart Evangelista Basher Butiki

Her caption to the post is, “Season 3 is here! Get ready with me”. Heart has earned praise and almost every comment on her post was positive except for one misguided body shamer.

The basher said: “U look like a lizard! lol”

Without hesitation, Heart lashed out at the critic. She said in her response that she tried her best to resemble a lizard and added that the basher is much better because it achieves it without any difficulties.

“Omg I really tried to look like that !!:) Buti ka pa effortless :)” Heart responds roasting the basher.

The basher retracted its comment and answered her “I don’t mean harm or bad way.” Heart didn’t respond. Some of the actress’s supporters, nevertheless, are still critical of the body shamer.

Meanwhile, Heart Evangelista keeps proving her skills to be more than simply a lovely face. She is not just a great actor, but also a committed advocate, a talented painter, and a top-notch influencer. Today, the multi-hyphenate 37-year-old adds creating fragrant candles to her list of talents.

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