Barbie Imperial-Debbie Garcia Issue: Ogie Diaz Reveals These Details

Ogie Diaz talked about the issue between Barbie Imperial and Debbie Garcia

Talent manager-vlogger Ogie Diaz revealed these details surrounding the fight that happened between actress Barbie Imperial and Debbie Garcia.

The CCTV footage showing the “away” that took place in a bar in Quezon City circulated online. This involved Barbie and Debbie and the latter filed charges against the former after what happened.

barbie imperial debbie garcia

Amid the issue, Barbie remained silent. In a recent episode of Ogie’s Showbiz Update vlog with Mama Loi and Mrena, they talked about this issue. He confirmed that the two actresses were indeed friends and they even partnered in a business venture.

Based on the source close to Barbie Imperial, Debbie Garcia intervened with her former friend’s past relationship twice. It was said that during the time when Barbie and her former boyfriend Diego Loyzaga were trying to reconnect as they want to try again as a couple, Debbie already entered the frame.

However, in an interview, Debbie said that she and Diego dated but this did not prosper into a relationship. Ogie said that Debbie also did it in Barbie’s other relationship before.

The source also said that it has been a long time since the conflict between the two actresses started. They haven’t communicated with each other for a long time now.

📷: Ogie’s YT channel

It was also said by the source that Debbie appeared to have provoked Barbie. Debbie allegedly went to the area in the bar where Barbie was even though she knows for a fact that they have a conflict. With this, Barbie was provoked to hit Debbie, the source said.

Mama Loi asked why Debbie Garcia showed a lot of scratches when the commotion happened so fast as men around them immediately responded and tried to get them away from each other.

Ogie said that other scratches may have been brought by the people around them trying to stop them from hitting each other. ”Kasi ang kay Barbie sapak,” the talent manager-vlogger said, adding that the fact that they were drinking could have contributed to what happened.

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