Gentleman Protecting Sleepy Girl’s Head Inside Bus Praised Online

Gentleman Goes Viral for Protecting the head of Sleepy Girl Inside Bus

The online community praises a gentleman spotted inside a bus where he protected the head of a sleepy girl from hitting a metal pole.

Concerned internet user Maria Teresa Bagaan posted on social media what he saw as they were returning to their Cebu City house on the bus. She described a good deed a man she met aboard the bus had done.

Gentleman Bus

Maria Teresa Berdida Bagaan claimed that she was moved by the respect and consideration offered to a female passenger. She claims in her post that the man offers the woman on the bus a seat.

She was more shocked by a man’s behavior toward a sleeping passenger in front of him, though. He will continue to check on the woman despite the fact that he is standing. Up until that point, he shielded the girl’s head with his hand.

“Grabeh ka gentleman and caring nang lalaki. While ga tapad sila, ngcge nag check ang laki sa babae kay ga headbang sya anang pole,” she stated in her post.

“But maski ngbarog na sya cge gihapon sya check sa bae. Until such time nga gicover na niya ang iyang hand to protect the girl’s head. And take note, dli sila mgkaila. Promise,”said Bagaan.

Bagaan thinks that others should hear about this occurrence so they might be inspired. “Faith in Humanity Restored,” Bagaan added. Meanwhile, some netizens praise the gentleman for his wholesome act.

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