VIDEO: Baron Geisler Says He Loves His “LGBT” Wife Jamie

Baron Geisler Professes Love For “LGBT” Wife Jamie Evangelista-Geisler

BARON GEISLER – ‘Doll House’ actor Baron Geisler shared a video professing his love to his “LGBT” wife Jamie Evangelista-Geisler.

Baron Geisler is one of the most famous actors in the Philippines. He is known for his intensity and versatility as an He. Geisler was involved in many troubles and controversies before turning his life around.

He is now married to a Cebuana psychologist Jamie Evangelista-Geisler. They are blessed with a daughter named Talitha Cumi Geisler.

Photo Source: @baron.geisler IG

Just recently, Baron Geisler uploaded cute and funny video on his Instagram account. In the video, he was heard telling the world about his Jamie. He professed his love for his wife, saying that he loves her very much even though she is fat.

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Photo Source: @baron.geisler IG

Baron Geisler also added that Jamie is LGBT, but gave a different twist to the known and literal meaning of the acronym. For the actor, LGBT means, “lami gihapon bisag tambok.”

Loosely translated, it means his wife “yummy even chubby.”

“Nadali ako ng asawa ko. LGBT pala siya.. pero ok lang tanggap ko. Kasi eh.. Lami Gihapon Bisag Tambok. Meaning yummy even chubby.  #Cebu #ProudBisdak #adoptedsonofCebu,” Geisler wrote in his post.

Watch the video below:

In a previous article, Randy Santiago took to IG and expressed his reaction to Baron Geisler’s latest film ‘Doll House.’ Geisler’s movie has been making a huge buzz all over the internet lately. Furthermore, the veteran singer commended Geisler. He also wise congratulated the rest of the cast and crew of the movie.

Geisler has been sharing snaps on IG from friends and fans tagging him in “Doll House’s” successful Netflix premiere. He is really appreciative of the remarks.

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