Counterflowing Car Driver Urges Vehicle on Other Lane to Give Way

Video of Counterflowing Car Driver Urging Vehicle on Other Lane to Give Way Goes Viral

A counterflowing car driver elicits criticisms from the online community after urging a vehicle on the other lane to give way.

Nowadays, road rage incident is one of the most common problems happening in various countries all around the world. It usually causes trouble to involved individuals and resulting to traffic congestion along the road.

Hot-headed and short-tempered motorists are the most involved in traffic altercations. The authorities also advised the drivers to be more careful and observe maximum tolerance when driving.

Counterflowing Car Driver

Motorists involved in traffic altercations may face the subject of corresponding sanctions and penalties if caught.

The Facebook page “DashCam Philippines” has shared video footage of a counterflowing car driver who told another motorist to get out of his way. The video garnered various reactions online.

In the video, it can be seen that the vehicle driver is slowly driving along the road when he encountered a reckless motorist who counter flowed along the road. The traffic violator blocked his right of way.

Unfortunately, the reckless car driver get out of his vehicle and instructed the motorist on the other lane to give way to him although he was the one who violated the traffic rules and regulations.

The motorist refused to give way knowing that he was in the right lane. The traffic violator had no choice but to return to his lane and move on as if nothing happened.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Counterflowing Car Driver

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