Vicki Belo Shares “Top Cosmetic Surgery Filipinos Prefer”

At present times, this is the top cosmetic surgery according to Vicki Belo that Filipinos want.

VICKI BELO – Beauty mogul Vicki Belo reveals the cosmetic surgery Filipino prefer at present time and what she feels about this.

Physical enhancements, up to this day, remain a bit controversial, especially for celebrities. However, it is not as controversial as it was years before. At current times, it is now accepted and understood.

Truly, there is nothing wrong with wanting something to improve your physical looks. May it be nose, eyes, or lips, this decision is up to you. It is your life after all.

And nowadays, in the Philippines, Filipinos prefer enhancing their nose. This procedure is called rhinoplasty and this comes not only with a hefty price, but also a great amount of time in terms of doing the operation.

This process or surgery is done to change the shape of the nose resulting in an improved look. Some people, on the other hand, do this procedure improves their breathing just like Angelica Yap, also known as Pastillas Girl.

According to Dra. Vicki Belo, rhinoplasty in her clinics is done through the cutting off of a portion from the ribs of the patient to be put in the nose for a strong structure. This procedure lasts for six hours.

In cosmetic surgery, the trend before according to Belo was liposuction but nowadays, it’s rhinoplasty. And doctors like her who see their patients happy with the results of their work make them feel happy as well as satisfied.

She believes these procedures not only improve the physical features of the patients but also improve their confidence. Growing up as a bullied fat kid, she made herself a promise and that is to make everyone beautiful.

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