Juancho Triviño Reacts To ‘Gigil’ Comment From Basher Of Padre Salvi

Juancho Triviño is receiving “gigil” comments due to his role in ‘Maria Clara at Ibarra’

Kapuso actor Juancho Triviño reacted to this comment from the bashers of his Maria Clara at Ibarra character Padre Salvi.

Juancho is part of the much-talked-about Kapuso primetime series that is based on Jose Rizal‘s novel Noli Me Tangere. This historical portal romantic series features the tandem of Dennis Trillo as Crisostomo Ibarra and Julie Anne San Jose as Maria Clara, with Barbie Forteza as Maria Clara “Klay” Infantes.

Juancho Trivino
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Viewers are having “kilig” feeling for Maria Clara and Ibarra but when it comes to Padre Salvi, they are expressing their “gigil” reactions.

The character of Juancho Triviño is a priest or prayle during the Spanish era. Padre Salvi is the parish priest of the town of San Diego. He has a secret admiration for Maria Clara. With Juancho’s effective portrayal of the character, many viewers got annoyed, based on the article in PEP, just like this “gigil” comment from a netizen.

juancho trivino
📷: @juanchotrivino IG

In a recent Instagram post that the Kapuso actor shared, he featured a video from TikTok and his reaction. In the video, a “basher” of Padre Salvi said, “Ako pikon na pikon na ko sa ‘yo, ah. Panot! Panot! Isa kang panot! Mukha kang itlog na puyat. Panot!”

Juancho’s face reacts every time the netizen would mention the word “panot.” “Reaction to weekly fan mail.. #FeelingBlessed #PadreSalvi,” the actor wrote in the caption of his post.

Several celebrities commented on this with laughing emojis. There were a lot of netizens who agreed with what the basher of Padre Salvi said as they also get annoyed by the character. Many netizens also commended Juancho Triviño for a job well done in portraying the annoying character.

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