RR Enriquez Defends Kathryn Bernardo: “Walang masama sa sakang”

RR Enriquez Defends Kathryn Bernardo From Bashers Calling Her “Sakang”

“Sawsawera Queen” RR Enriquez defended Kathryn Bernardo from bashers who are calling her “sakang” on social media.

After learning that Kathryn’s legs had once again been attacked by her haters, RR defended the actress on social media in her most recent YouTube vlog. After Min Bernardo shared a video of her kid feeding their dogs, the news resurfaced, shocking RR.

RR Enriquez Kathryn Bernardo

The “Sawsawera Queen” of the internet then bemoans the critical remarks made by online users about Kathryn. She claims that the latter is flawless in the eyes of both God and her fiance, Daniel Padilla.

“Binuhay na naman ng mga bashers,” RR began before telling the bashers, “Alam niyo, walang masama sa pagiging sakang.”

“Diba si God ang may gawa niyan and we are all perfect in God’s eyes, so I do believe na perfect si Kathryn. Hindi man siya perfect sa inyo pero perfect siya sa mata ng Diyos. Ang taray. At perfect siya sa mata ni DJ, yun ang importante,” she said.

By the end of her vlog, RR also gave Kathryn some advise, saying that the most important thing is that she has a kind heart and is a decent person. She emphasized not to worry about what other people think since who she is is what matters to her.

“Ang payo ko na lang siguro kay Kathryn Bernardo, which is I know naman na she’s a very intelligent person, she’s smart and she really doesn’t care kung anuman ang sabihin ng ibang tao kasi nga ang importante sa kanya eh yung kung sino siya. Alam niyang mabuti ang puso niya. So yeah, wag mo na lang pansinin, hayaan mo na yang mga bashers. Ang importante yung maganda ka  sa paningin namin at sa paningin ni Daniel Padilla,” she said.

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