Ogie Diaz to Barbie Forteza at Maria Clara at Ibarra: “Nakakaloka”

Performance of Barbie Forteza in “Maria Clara At Ibarra” Received Praise from the Ogie Diaz

The performance of Kapuso actress Barbie Forteza in “Maria Clara at Ibarra” received praise from the showbiz columnist Ogie Diaz.

The new GMA series’ amusing twist on the historical novel by the country’s hero will feature sequences that go viral and are constantly trending on social media. The viewers gave Barbie and her character “Klay” favorable reviews.

Ogie Diaz Barbie Forteza

Ogie Diaz, the talent manager, is one of the individuals that lauds her performance in the GMA teleserye. In the “Maria Clara at Ibarra,” according to Ogie, he saw a different Barbie Forteza.

The new GMA series’ scenes that take a humorous spin on the historical novel by the country’s hero will go viral and consistently trend on social media. The audience responded favorably to Barbie and her persona, “Klay.”

The talent manager Ogie Diaz is one of the people that lauds her performance in the GMA teleserye. Ogie claimed to have seen a different Barbie Forteza in “Maria Clara at Ibarra.”

“Actually, number one fan na ako ni Barbie Forteza. Dati inaano lang natin yung Barbie at Jak Roberto ‘di ba, na may pa-surprise si Jak at umiyak si Barbie, ay ngayon, iba ang tingin ko kay Barbie. Nakakaloka,” said the talent manager in his latest showbiz update.

” Hangang-hanga ako kay Barbie kasi napakahusay umarte,” added the showbiz personality.

Barbie expressed her gratitude to the fans and acknowledged that the experience was incomprehensible due to the “huge and loving” response to their series. Klay’s persona was “a real person,” according to Barbie, “for a human commander.”

Barbie also imparted to the younger generation the lesson of past inequalities in rights, particularly for women, and the conventional exploitation or courting of women. In the end, Ogie also gave praise to the rest of the series cast, which included actors like Dennis Trillo, Tirzo Cruz, Lou Veloso, and Julie Anne San Jose. The talent manager acknowledged Zig Dulay’s abilities as a filmmaker as well.


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