RR Enriquez Agrees with Grandfather of Deniece Cornejo’s Opinion

RR Enriquez Agreed with the Opinion of Deniece Cornejo’s Grandfather about the Case

RR ENRIQUEZ – The ‘Sawsawera Queen’ expresses her favor for the opinion of Deniece Cornejo’s grandfather about the case against Vhong Navarro.

RR has returned with a brand-new video in which she responds to Atty’s well-known statement. Deniece Cornejo’s grandfather, Axel Gonzalez. In the past, Atty. Gonzalez gained notoriety when he expressed his frank opinion on the matter.

RR Enriquez Deniece Grandfather

He said that at this stage it would be better to settle the situation privately. RR is one of the individuals who consented to settle on his opinion.

In her latest vlog upload, she echoed the feelings of Deniece’s granddad. RR interprets Deniece’s grandfather’s statement to imply that the problem may be “actually happening” in some way.

“Ako, I would agree dun sa lolo ni Deniece. Imagine, lolo na ‘to ni Deniece ah, at lawyer din ‘to. Para pagsabihan niya na magkaayos na lang sila, ibig sabihin there’s something really happening, diba? May alam siya, charot,” she began.

RR similarly outlined her reasoning for why she thinks Deniece and Vhong Navarro should simply resolve their differences amicably. She noted that having a lawsuit is really difficult because it may result in financial and psychological issues.

“Pero yun nga, dapat magkaayos na lang sila, kagaya nung last time na sinabi ko sa inyo, ang hirap magkaroon ng kaso. Ang hirap nung meron kang dinedemanda, tas ikaw rin may kaso ka rin, idedemanda ka nung dinedemanda mo,” she said.

“Kasi nga, mag-uubusan ng pera talaga kayo, hindi lang ubusan pera ang mangyayari dito. Yung stress ninyo, tapos yung takot ninyo, yung kaba ninyo na baka mamaya makulong ka or sino man yun,” she explained.

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