Juan Ponce Enrile Slams Critics of Sim Card Registration Bill

Juan Ponce Enrile Slams Those who Oppose Sim Card Registration Bill

Chief Presidential Legal Counsel and former senator Juan Ponce Enrile slammed the critics of the Sim Card Registration Bill.

Enrile retaliated against some groups who were opposed to the law requiring the registration of SIM cards throughout the nation because they were concerned about privacy invasions. This is in accordance with a legal requirement that all personal data must be submitted when registering a SIM card.

Enrile Sim Card Registration

The SIM card registration law safeguards a person’s sensitive information, thus there is no need to be concerned, according to Malacaang’s attorney. Enrile claimed that, given how outspoken individuals opposed to the new law are, he was unable to hear their arguments.

” Anong privacy? Napakadadaldal nila sa kanilang buhay. Privacy lang kung ikaw ay may ginagawang masama o nakikipag-boyfriend ka sa marami. Kung ikaw ay may-asawa, nangangaliwa ka, kung ‘yung asawa ay rebelde, pumapasok sa gobyerno, sumusuweldo pero traydor ka sa gobyerno,” said Enrile in his statement.

He claimed that if it is determined that the law will compromise public information, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. will not sign it. Enrile claimed that Malacaang’s legal division thoroughly examined the law and did not uncover any inconsistencies or risks that would endanger the public.

Enrile claims that because it will put an end to cell phone idiocy, this will actually be good for Filipinos. He pointed out that the law was approved by the government to benefit Filipinos who use smartphones.

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