Jackie Chan’s Daughter Spotted Queuing for Free Food in Canada

Photo of Jackie Chan’s Daughter Queuing for Free Food in Canada Goes Viral

A photo of international action star Jackie Chan’s daughter Etta Ng spotted queuing for free food in Canada goes viral.

After a picture of his daughter Etta Ng waiting in line for free meals went popular on social media, calls from netizens flooded the international celebrity Jackie Chan’s social media profiles.

According to a netizen, they recently spotted Etta waiting in line at a soup kitchen, which hands out free food to the needy, in Toronto, Canada. Ng chose to live in Toronto, Canada, where the aforementioned picture was taken.

In the pictures, Etta is depicted as being “shabbily” dressed and holding an open tote bag in front of her, which she probably used to carry the food. Actress Elaine Ng, Etta’s mother and Jackie’s former mistress, also asserts that Jackie has never paid them any child support.

Jackie Chan’s Daughter Canada

The photo spread online amid Chan’s new project, for which the actor will receive hundreds of millions of dollars. Some online users pleaded with the actor to at least assist his kid, who lives in poverty in Canada.

It can be recalled how contentious the relationship between father and son was. Ng claimed she never requested to visit her father in a 2015 interview.

Chan stated the same year that he had no plans to provide Ng an inheritance since he believed his son did not require it. She came out as an LGBT person in 2017 and married a Canadian influencer.  They admitted to be “homeless” and acknowledged that their lives in Canada are not happy.

Her father also allegedly did not accept that she was a member of the LGBT community. In contrast, Jaycee Chan, 39, Jackie’s son with his wife, former Taiwanese actress Lin Fengjiao, recently shared a picture of himself sitting behind his companion in a Rolls-Royce.

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