Aiko Melendez Agrees with Mandatory Drug Test for Artists

Aiko Melendez Agrees with Mandatory Drug Test Proposal for Artists

Veteran actress Aiko Melendez is in favor of the mandatory drug test proposal for artists and people in show business.

Aiko Melendez, a councilor for Quezon City, agrees Senator Robin Padilla and Rep. Richard Gomez’s call to discuss the idea of requiring drug testing in the entertainment business. Aiko expressed her thoughts in a Facebook post that featured images of Robin and Goma.

” My unsolicited opinion on my brothers in the industry, Senator Robin Padilla and Congressman Richard “Goma” Gomez, take on the mandatory drug testing. Kahit naman magkaiba sila ng pananaw tungkol sa issue makikita naman na pareho silang sang-ayon na ang illegal drugs ay nakakasira sa buhay ‘di lang ng mga kabataan but also sa lahat ng nagiging addicted dito no matter the age,” she said.

Aiko Melendez Drug Test

Aiko claims that due to the old working conditions and schedules of production and artistic staff, the entertainment business is one of the most susceptible to drug addiction. She mentioned how some people utilize illegal drugs to keep from being weary.

” Ang iba sa amin sume-segue from one taping/shooting to the next without proper rest na ang sagot sa kangaragan or pagod ay drugs that have upper effects,” she revealed in her post.

” I agree on the mandatory drug test because prevention is always better than cure. Mas maganda maiiwas natin ang paggamit ng droga before it gets to the point of rehabilitation,” Aiko added.

Aiko concurs with Cong Goma’s suggestion that obligatory drug testing is implemented by all public and private organizations. Aiko also agreed with Sen’s Robin idea that if a drug test is required for employment, employers should pay for it.

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