Lady Teacher Goes Viral for Taking Banana Leaves to Protect Pupils From Rain

Lady Teacher Taking Banana Leaves to Protect Pupils From Rain Earns Praises Online

A lady teacher goes viral for taking banana leaves for her pupils to protect them from getting wet from the rain.

School teacher is personnel hired by both government and private schools to help students to acquire academic knowledge. They are also considered the second parent of the students inside the school premises.

Educators are tasked to teach and mold students to become better people in the future. Teachers were also assigned to help the students obtain knowledge and be competent employees in the future.

Lady Teacher

The Facebook page “Berlay” has shared video footage of a loving lady teacher who was taking banana leaves to protect her students from the rain. The video earned praise and admiration online.

In the video, it can be seen that the teacher identified as Beverly Donaire Bordios is taking several banana leaves after ordering her pupil to video record the incident. The female teacher cut some leaves for her students while carrying an umbrella.

Teacher Beverly gave the leaves to the kids, which will be used to protect themselves from the rain. She showed her unconditional love for her students in a simple act of kindness. She is not only teaching academic knowledge but also helps to nurture her pupils.

The video has a caption:

Inutusan ko ang aking grade 1 na estudyante mag video at ito ang resulta”

Lady Teacher

The social media users expressed their praises and admiration for the teacher:

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