Kris Aquino Health Update: Here Are Some Good News

Ogie Diaz shares some good news about Kris Aquino and her health condition.

KRIS AQUINO – Former television personality Kris Aquino is doing well in her treatments and here’s an update from Ogie Diaz.

The life-theatening diseases of Kris Aquino forced her to go abroad for treatment. Since she discovered that she has autoimmune diseases, her weight started to deteriorate and with every update she shares, she became thinner.

Before flying, she was diagnosed with Eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis (EGPA), an extremely rare form of vasculitis. And while she was abroad, a suspected 5th autoimmune was feared.

She decided to seek treatment abroad because there was none available in the country. She also has a very delicate situation because she is allergic to steroids. The steroids are the treatment for autoimmune diseases but she is allergic to them.

In a previous article, Cristy Fermin said that her Aquino is now done with the treatment. She is now in Los Angeles, California. She was formerly staying in Houston, Texas for her medical treatments and processes.

And just recently, in a new vlog of Ogie Diaz, he shared that one good thing about her condition now is that she is starting to gain weight. According to Diaz’s source, Kris is now doing well and she’s starting to gain some pounds.

This is good news to those who are praying and wishing for her recovery. As much as many are aware, she’s been enduring her disease for many years now.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, just this September, Kris shared that she’s undergoing chemotherapy but also immediately clarified that it is not for cancer.

Despite the struggle, she remains positive. She draws strength from her sons and, at the same time, is “grateful to be blessed to have the means for them to move to another state, and have more tests done and go to other specialists”.


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